Wheeling and Dealing behind Closed Doors: Estimating the Causal Effect of Transparency on Policy Evaluations Using a Survey Experiment. Political Science Research and Methods. First View. With Sebastian Juhl.

Institutional Reform and Public Attitudes toward EU Decision Making. European Journal of Political Research. First View. With Hyeonho Hahm and Thomas König.

Work in Progress

Political Attention, Precedent, and Judicial Activism in International Courts: The Politics of Precedent at the Court of Justice of the EU. Working Paper.

Judicial Activism under Uncertainty: Preferences, Procedures, and the Type of Signal in the Separation of Powers of the European Union. Working Paper. With Thomas König.

Partisan Love and Hate After the European Parliament Elections. Working Paper. With Hyeonho Hahm.

Judicial Legitimacy of the Court of Justice of the EU: an Engine of European Integration or a Countermajoritarian Institution? Working Paper. With Hyeonho Hahm and Thomas König. 

Populism Against Europe: Estimating Populists’ Multidimensional Policy Preferences. Working Paper. With Hyeonho Hahm and Thomas König.