• Sebastian Juhl & David Hilpert. Wheeling and Dealing behind Closed Doors: Estimating the Causal Effect of Transparency on Policy Evaluations Using a Survey Experiment. Political Science Research and Methods. First View.
  • Hyeonho Hahm, David Hilpert & Thomas König. 2020. Institutional Reform and Public Attitudes toward EU Decision Making. European Journal of Political Research 59 (3): 599-623.
Work in Progress
  • Political Attention, Precedent, and Judicial Activism in International Courts: The Politics of Precedent at the Court of Justice of the EU. Working Paper.
  • Judicial Activism under Uncertainty: Preferences, Procedures, and the Type of Signal in the Separation of Powers of the European Union. Working Paper. With Thomas König.
  • Partisan Love and Hate After the European Parliament Elections. Working Paper. With Hyeonho Hahm.
  • Judicial Legitimacy of the Court of Justice of the EU: an Engine of European Integration or a Countermajoritarian Institution? Working Paper. With Hyeonho Hahm and Thomas König. 
  • Populism Against Europe: Estimating Populists’ Multidimensional Policy Preferences. Working Paper. With Hyeonho Hahm and Thomas König.